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    同乐Grand Opening Ceremony, a fruitful year for FLS in the New Era

    作者:李影 来源:本站原创 发布时间:2019年09月28日 点击数:441 字号:【

    皇家赌场平台 www.zxtkzy.cn Grand Opening Ceremony, a fruitful year for FLS in the New Era

    This Friday Night(27 Sept.2019), FLS staged a grand celebration. It was a feast for vision.

    Beautiful fireworks, waving banners, thrilling cheers, stunning performances, and the young, dynamic marching formations…all these blossom and light the night sky because China is celebrating its 70th anniversary and FLS is welcoming its 34th Sports Meeting. This grand opening ceremony has seen the shining moment and glory of FLS, promising a great opportunity for FLS to welcome its fruitful year to come.

    As the year 2019 marks the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the New People’s Republic of China , it is bound to be different, distinctive and distinguished. The last 70 years has witnessed profound changes and achieved a miracle of development unprecedented in human history under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. The impact of China on the world has never been more comprehensive , far-reaching and lasting and the world is watching, anticipating, embracing and applauding for the rise and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

    The massive success of FLS’s grand opening ceremony brings out the best of FLSers’ capacity in creativity and presents the spectators with the broadness of traditional Chinese culture through impressive performances, extending our heartfelt gratitude and sincere wishes to our motherland. And more importantly, the opening ceremony unites all the FLSers once again, reminding every single one of us the belief that we are scholars of Foreign Language School and regard it as a lifelong honor.

    This is a new era where we FLS will definitely work wonders and get greater attention from across Guangxi and even China. Inspired and motivated by the Olympic spirits of Higher, Swifter and Stronger, all the athletes have pushed themselves to be as sharp as a razor’s edge, preparing themselves to fight for challenges, glory and excellence. Fall, fail, get up. It’s not the triumph but struggle. Let’s cheer for them!

    Caption1 The spirited flag-bearers for the opening ceremony精神饱满的开幕式护旗手

    Caption2The promising generation 少年强则国强

    Caption3 the unique charm of traditional Chinese costume传统服装的独特魅力

    Caption 4 Ode to the Motherland祖国颂歌

    Caption5 Young and dynamic 歌舞青

    Caption6 Spectacular fireworks璀璨烟花

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